Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hey guys!!

Hello guys, so sorry about my lack of posts in recent weeks, i have been so busy with assignments and my 21st birthday that blogging has slipped my mind. But... I will have a pretty sizeable birthday haul post for you very soon which will hopefully be worth the wait, i'm going to do it later in the week when i have time to take pictures, swatches etc. I had an awesome birthday!

That's me with two of my aunties (I'm from quite a large family) sporting my new fringe.
My dress is from Warehouse (size 10 if you please :D) and you can't see anything else so it's pretty pointless naming shoes and jackets. There was only 3 pictures of me my whole birthday and none of them featured my boyfriend so i have nothing to put in the '21st birthday' photoframe. Boo. Anywho i will be posting at least two more updates before Xmas, a birthday haul and what i'm getting people for christmas so you guys might get some ideas :) Although i'm leaving it a bit late because i always do my Christmas shopping at the last minute...ooops. Also my boyfriend and I have decided to shop for presents in the January sales so i am definately feeling a big fat Christmas haul too :D (and to UK residents, there's 20% off in Debenhams at the mo, i saved a bunch on my new makeup)

Hope you all have been happy and healthy

Much love and thankyou for reading xox