Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hey guys!!

Hello guys, so sorry about my lack of posts in recent weeks, i have been so busy with assignments and my 21st birthday that blogging has slipped my mind. But... I will have a pretty sizeable birthday haul post for you very soon which will hopefully be worth the wait, i'm going to do it later in the week when i have time to take pictures, swatches etc. I had an awesome birthday!

That's me with two of my aunties (I'm from quite a large family) sporting my new fringe.
My dress is from Warehouse (size 10 if you please :D) and you can't see anything else so it's pretty pointless naming shoes and jackets. There was only 3 pictures of me my whole birthday and none of them featured my boyfriend so i have nothing to put in the '21st birthday' photoframe. Boo. Anywho i will be posting at least two more updates before Xmas, a birthday haul and what i'm getting people for christmas so you guys might get some ideas :) Although i'm leaving it a bit late because i always do my Christmas shopping at the last minute...ooops. Also my boyfriend and I have decided to shop for presents in the January sales so i am definately feeling a big fat Christmas haul too :D (and to UK residents, there's 20% off in Debenhams at the mo, i saved a bunch on my new makeup)

Hope you all have been happy and healthy

Much love and thankyou for reading xox

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Completely shallow post

So when i have a spare minute or two, i find myself thinking about materialistic things, such as... items i would love to aquire for my 21st birthday pressies :D
Top of my wish list is the Urban Decay Naked Palette! They are now selling it in the UK and i cannot wait to get my little mitts on it.

It's £27.50 which is pretty reasonable in my humble opinion! Seriously excited to try it out if someone picks up on my hints haha.

I would also love some new fancy bedding and boudouir stuff because my bedroom feels really... lifeless sortof? I think this bedding is beautiful!!

Also, i would love Dior Cherie. I smelt it in the Airport on my way home from Spain a few months back and i fell in love, it is beautiful both in looks and in scent.
Absoloute lust have -

So... i'm still sat here thinking away. But most of all i would like to have my boyfriend here to celebrate with... i'd rather have no presents and Mike home than him be away for 3 months which is the rumor (he's in the Navy).

I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes :) x

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Now i know this is rare on blogs but the blogs i read are about life and ways in which we strive to improve our own, whether that be via having clear skin, ways to save money and now i'm starting to blog about my career too, please just ignore if you don't want to know. So here's how it all began:

Aged 16 i left school with 11 GCSE's and I started to think about going into a business studies degree but these views changed along with my teachers when i went to college aged 16-18 and came out with 4 A-Levels with just a C for business. So i decided on a career teaching English, i went straight into Uni studying English and i'm now approaching my third year. I should really be thinking about my PGCE and getting more teaching experience. So then i thought to myself, do i honestly want to become a teacher? What exactly is it i want to do with my degree?

I'm now in my third year and aswell as studying and working part time to fund my makeup and product addiction, i have just signed up to volunteer for a small business who sell fairtrade coffee and offer jobs for workers in Africe and for immagrants who would otherwise be on benefits here. Any profits go to educating the workforce and building schools in Afirca. The organisation seems to benefit everyone involved and i have been offered a sales/marketing position in schools, giving them business ideas and helping them aswell as getting ideas of how to sell coffee. There are some very important people involved and it's a really great oppurtunity for me as it gives me experience in sales/marketing/retail/education so it's sort of a taster session in many different industries. I will also be acting as a sort of manager so i could also regard it as management experience which is super gooood! I'm really excited and i just wanted to post this to perhaps remind people that these times are not all doom and gloom. Money is a small aspect of enjoyment of life so if you have some spare time, look up volunteering, as i have learnt today there are many different roles to suit different people and the skills they offer so if you can, i would really advise trying something new. I'm really looking forward to this and as you can imagine, the hunt for suitable clothes and makeup begins very soon!

Today on my face i wore -

the body shop foundation in number 5 and the powder in 5 just on my crease and on my eyes, i'm now using it as a bronzer because it is quite a few shades darker than my skin (stupid assistant) and works wonderfully to contour. I wore a few coats of maybelline mascara, MAC blush in pink swoon and i used a bit of vaseline as a subtle highlight, natural yet pretty too. I just wore the body shop lip blam in watermelon (which smells BEAUTIFUL) and was good to go. For interviews i think class is essential so i whipped the Chanel perfume out and was thankful after the good old British rain washed the majority of it off.

It worked, i got the post and i'm happyyy!! :) I don't think a lot of women talk about their career choices that much and with such a gap in the pay stakes between men and women i think we should share hints and tips and work together :)

Good luck to all xxx

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Coffee Table drama!

So, i'm relaxing watching junk TV on my sunday evening after dropping my lovely boyfriend off to go to work... i put my feet up and BAM my coffee table gives way. Now we can't expect much from the poor coffee table (rip) as it was very, very cheap as it was strictly a 'oh crap we are moving in with hardly any money and we need a coffee table' purchase. But now, what do we replace it with? I think i want a black, clean looking table and i have seen one on the next website that i am in love with (http://www.next.co.uk/shopping/homeware/livingroomfurniture/15/1). It's £150 which is a bit more than i wanted to spend and i have seen a black one in ikea that's a far more reasonable £45 (http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/40147726). I really love the first one - it's got space for my magazines freeing up a drawer in my bedroom! Although i'm unsure about how childsafe they both are as my boyfriend has a young son. Ahh - i don't want to buy practical at the tender age of 20 (clearly, my last table collapsed) but obviously his safety has to come first. Ahh dramas eh.

*all about a dog attack, skip at your leisure*
Speaking of dramas - My 6 month old puppy got viciously attacked today! By a pug! This horrible little dog came out of nowhere (it's owner was trailing behind it without a lead) and began to really lay into my poor little Harry! :( He was yelping so much when he walked after the attack we had to take him to the emergency vets where we were told he was in shock, had a few wounds that he'd been given antibiotics for and some pain relief because the damage to his leg was really hurting him :( poor little guy is sat in his bed sulking now. Ahh i love my little Harry and i think owners like the owner of the pug should have to go to compulsary dog training if their pet ever behaves like that - i cried a lot afterwards, i have never felt so helpless. I managed to drag my poor injured Harry away from the horrible dog after a bit of a struggle, with it's owner sheepishly saying 'sorry' and making a terrible half-hearted attempt to control the beast! It even managed to bite me as i was picking Harry up. It just about managed to break my skin so i'm waiting til tomorrow to see if i have to have an injection. I reported it to the police and with a bit of luck i will find out where the man lives (very near me i suspect) and he will get a court order to keep that horrible mutt far away from others! :( If you are a dog owner please give your dog the love and respect it deserves, you chose it afterall, because in my opinion if all dogs were properly cared for they wouldn't ever be so callously vicious. Ahh i feel better now.

How have your weekends been? I'm looking forward to the one ahead already - is that as sad as it sounds? :)x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Makeup time!

So i'll be recieving my student loan soon and will be stocking up on makeup for autumn/winter and i was thinking of a few investment items such as a decent foundation, primer and moisturiser amongst all the usual crap from superdrug that i buy. I seem to be moving away from wearing eyeshadow at all and am becoming more focused on enhancing my lips because to me if you try to do both it can be a bit 'drag queen'. So for me, winter is all about looking fresh and having a peachy blush and nice, plump lips. Ok so my thoughts:

Foundation - i have about 5 at the minute (all 'drugstore') but none of them fit the bill and so i think i'm going to go to a counter and get the right formulation and colour for me so i actually get the useage out of it. I'm thinking clinique because i know their products agree with my skin (i have fairly pale, normal skin and occasionally get a spot/blemish) however i have been enticed by NARS sheer glow for a while but it seems more of a summery foundation to me? Any opinions are more than welcome.

There was a tester of the loreal professional primer in cosmopolitan this month and while it seemed quite powdery it left a gorgeous feel to the skin so i'm considering that? And as for a decent moisturiser i'm unsure, although again i'm thinking clinique because my skin seems to agree with their formulations although i think the consistency of the dramatically different moisturising gel/lotion is a bit thin for me? Hm.

Oh and ladies if you have long hair and are thinking of chopping it - dont. I had long hair and had a good 5 inches cut off it (as can be seen above) and never have i mourned the loss of hair so heavily. I find myself actually having hair envy of pretty much everyone with longer hair than me. Hopefully it will grow back fast because i miss it! :( Sad face completely necessary. Sorry for bad photo - i was on holiday and completely do not look like it!

Anywho - 3rd year of uni starts in just over a week. I am terrified. Anyone willing to pass on any organisational tips would be a lifesaver because my idea of organisation is putting anything and everything in a big pile. I'm doomed.

Hope you all had a fab summer x

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

In's and Outs

Hey guys! Long time no see but i have been enjoying spending time with my lovely boyfriend as he's home from the navy for 5 weeks :) I can report that i have sucessfully managed to lose a bit of weight i am much closer to a size 10 now and i think in 2 weeks (when i go) i may well have accoomplished my mission.

So i'm ill - again- thanks to Mike's son Charlie and so i have decided to indulge in a little what i like and what i don't like therapy. I have found a fair few makeup discoveries lately so here goes!


* Rimmel stay matte dual action concealer (001 Ivory). I tried the Laura Mercier secret concealer (in the lightest shade) and it seemed to only last me a little while, which could of been because of the MAC 195 brush i was using which seemed to just lap the stuff up and come out really waxy - so i'd end up using me fingers to blend which was a little useless. Also, at around £23, it isn't cheap, but it is an amazing concealer, should you be prepared to pay the price. I am however, always looking out for something that goes the one step beyond and i think this concealer is exactly that. I think it was around £4-5 and i would say it's easier to work with, it covers with more efficience, it's compact but doesn't get lost in your makeup bag and you get a lot of product. The consistency is really pleasent and workable and it doesn't flag up any dry patches. Absoloutely love this product.

* 17 Mirror shine lipstick in Nudest peach. I have to say, i'm not really a fan of lipsticks, i find them too severe and prefer to stick to a tinted balm or a gloss but this 'lipstick' makes me feel all grown up when i use it (ha!) and is basically a gloss packaged in a lipstick formulation. It's very sheer but gives a good level of colour and a 'mirror shine'. I do like this lipstick however because of the gloss like formulation after a couple of applications it broke and now resides in my fridge like a lipstick hospital.

* Kleenex 'feel me i'm gorgeous' tissues. When you have a cold (or viral infection) the last thing you want is a horrible chapped nose and i feel these are really the bentley version of tissues. So so soft and it feels nice to have a little luxury in my life when feeling this yucky.

*Maybelline Superstay 24hr foundation in 020 cameo. Lasts ages, wonderful coverage, great colour selection, no funny scents and spf 19. I don't know how it photographs but it's that great on all other levels i don't really care :)

*Holidays and having my boyfriend home :) honestly throughout all this makeup stuff hardly anyone mentions the things that REALLY matter. Like having a wonderful boyfriend make you chicken soup when you're ill or really getting excited about going away for a few weeks. I can't wait to be in the sun for two whole weeks with nothing to do but chill out, eat and drink. Bliss


* Viral infections
Noone wants a cold in August. So we have...duh duh duh duhhhh! Viral infections which is just a posh cold. I have a rash all over my back, i'm all bunged up, hot, headachey, my ears hurt, my throat hurts and i'm being more than a wingebag about it! Enough already, make me healthy!

* Sky
Virgin on demand is SO so much better than sky. More fool us for being sucked in by skys stupid offers.

*Lancome Juicy Tubes in 108 - paris. I love juicy tubes and i was bitterly dissapointed with this one, don't get me wrong the formulation and colour is true to juicy tubes, but the scent is disappointing. It smells like plastic flowers. Juicy tubes usually make me want to lick them off they smell so delicious. I got it in a set so i wasn't as dissapointed as i would've been if i had spent £12 or so on it, but still.

So yeah that's about all i can manage right now. I can't even be bothered to spell check or edit becaus ei am hungry and so i will love you and leave you and edit on another day. Any suggestions for things (clothing or makeup) that i should pick up for my holidays? I really want a cute (cheap) kaftan. Hm. x

Friday, 23 July 2010

Update - Quest for the perfect summer foundation

So today i'm getting all excited about my holiday (2 weeks in a villa in Spain in 4 weeks) and i have embarked on an attempt to save and an attempt at dieting! I'm currently a UK size 10/12 and i want to be a comfortable size 10 by d day - the day where i have to don a bikini next to my size 6 stepmother. Hello Special K diet. It was going really well a week ago but then my boyfriend came home (he's in the navy and based in Plymouth during the week whereas i'm up North) and diet was completely ruined and the 6lbs i'd lost became 5lbs back on. So now i have decided to up my game a little and introduce lots of excercise as well as a strict diet. Well i guess my idea of 'lots of' excercise is 40 mins on the wii fit and walking the dog a lot - but still! Effort! I just hope that my efforts are eventually rewarded.

On this completely shallow note i was thinking about things to take with me, and particuarly i have recently run out of foundation and was wondering which one i should pick up? I have been using revlon photoready in 003 (yes i am pale! haha) but i really want to try something new. I think i may well pick up this again because it is a nice coverage with a spf and the colour is matched pretty well but due to the what i can only reference as being 'sparkly bits' present in it that make me look like edward cullen in direct sunlight, i am on the hunt for a holiday foundation or tinted moisturiser. I have heard many good things about the Oil Free Laura mercier tinted moisturiser but i have dry-normal skin and so i would be inclined to go for the regular version however i have heard many negative reviews on it. So i appeal to all of the blogging community - help me on my foundation quest? I want something that offers light-medium coverage, preferably a spf and that will last a relatively long time as taking makeup to the beach is a little ott for me. I have tried the boots no7 tinted moisturiser and i have to say i was pleasently suprised - it was light coverage, moisturising (as a tinted moisturiser should be presumably) fairly long lasting, but the colours are very limited and the light is a little too light for me (especially me on holiday) and the darker shade a little too, well, dark. I was considering NARS sheer glow however i would have to travel quite far to get hold of it or failing that order online and have to guess-timate my shade. I am also considering MAC's face and body but again, same problem.

Holiday question number 2 - hair. (see photo above) I have fine/medium hair that is pretty long and naturally straight (it does have the odd kink or wave in places) and i don't want to be straightening my hair all the time on holiday but also, i don't want it to look as lank as it does without heat styling so does anyone know any miracle products for maybe adding a bit more wave to hair and a bit of texture? I'm trying to be as low maintainance as possible here and to give my hair a bit of a break.

Final Thought - is it wrong to take St Tropez on holiday?

Sunday, 18 July 2010

First Ever Post

How exciting! I have never blogged in my life but hey i'll give anything a whirl once. I'm probably going to treat this as some sort of adult diary (no - not an XXX diary, just a little more 'grown up' than my old livejournal which with hindsight is actually hilarious) so prepare to enter the world of a twenty year old English student who is hoping to become a secondary school teacher (yawn - I know). I have many interests in life - Or at least i like to think so - but i am anticipating most of my posts to be about makeup, love, studying and my complete lack of a fashion sense compared to seemingly most of the world. Poor me i know. So with that glorious *cough* introduction i will start with todays whine. Yay!

Soo... i am writing this blog at 7am on a Monday morning (almost criminal for a student in the summer) because I have a cold... in July! My boyfriend's Son Charlie was in our care over the weekend and he has lovingly passed on his viral infection to me which he contracted from nursery. So my boyfriend (who is in the Armed forces and had to leave at 5am this morning for the week) got very little sleep due to me tossing, turning and sniffling all night. Poor sod. So i decided to get up and make him a cuppa in apology, and i have been awake reading blogs for the past two hours, particularly lollipop26's because she really reminds me of myself - in a few years time with more makeup, life experience and money of course haha! So i thought i'd put my time to good use (well as good as i could think of) and start my blog like i'd been wanting to for a while. So here it is. No makeup posts to be included as of yet because the only makeup i'm wearing is Vaseline on my nose to stop the chapping - glamorous as ever i know :) I need some magazines and some more soothers. & my Mum. But yeah, thankfully i have the day off today so i can just lie here and feel very sorry for myself. If anyone in the world happens to stumble across my blog (& actually read it upto here - i owe you a drink!) please tell me how to add people or whatever you do because I am CLUELESS and not in the good way. Hope everyone has a lovely day and i wish you all health and happiness :)

ps- how is it so difficult to choose a font? & how do i automatically assume courier sans with being unprofessional? Hmm... answers on a postcard!