Sunday, 15 April 2012

almost a year on...

Last post - 5th May - Wow.

Well, a lot has changed. I'm back with my boyfriend, have a new job, have graduated fromuniversity, and have embarked on a new fitness plan. (I say fitness plan, I mean I need to get fitand fast because I will shortly be applying to join the RAF).

Makeup has become less of an obsession, I'm trying to keep to the maximum of two foreverything rule, so I've stopped buying foundations/mascaras/concealers unless I need them.Which is pretty bloody boring as far as bloggings concerned huh?

I'll let you have a little wander into what my two are in a few of the categories, just to keep thisblog suitably superficial.

Please bear in mind, these are not the only foundations/concealers/lipglosses that I have, justthe ones I have committed myself to using before I buy any more because quite simply, theyneed using up! I have got to the stage of having so much makeup that I can't use it - and that'supsetting. I know I'm cheating as some of the stuff is 'mini' but seriously, how long can you gowithout buying a new lipgloss/mascara? I rest my case :)
Foundations -

My problem here is that these foundations are very, very similar. Light/medium buildable coverage - similar colours and water based (I think - I can't seem to find a list of ingredients for 'wake me up' but it definitely feels water based). One has to make room for a heavier coverage foundation soon, and I'm thinking the Chanel will be the first one out because the Rimmel one is less expensive and is pretty much the same thing. Both are good everyday foundations but I have nothing for when I need full coverage so I better start using the expensive stuff to make room for what I imagine is going to be estee lauder double wear :)

Eye creams-
Ok - So I'm 22. I am starting to get SLIGHT wrinkles under my eyes, however I prefer my eye cream to just hydrate the area under my eyes, as that's one of the main reasons wrinkles appear in the first place. The thin skin under your eyes does not produce oil by itself, so a bit of help at an early stage always goes down well. Prevention is better than cure as they say. I'm not going to lie, both of these were presents, and I'm doing OK at using them up, but I just find myself pretty lazily slopping my moisturiser on most of the time, I use eye cream maybe once a week? I don't know if I'd repurchase either of these, as they're pretty pricey for someone who has no real wrinkles, but they're nice to have and once either runs out, I will probably think about repurchasing an eye cream that's a bit cheaper to see what the difference is, or even if there is a difference at all.

I am going to admit - I have tried TONS of concealers, Laura Mercier secret camouflage, collection 2000 lasting finish (if I remember rightly), bobbi brown, benefit, and I have so far failed to find one that I LOVE. Laura Mercier came close, but it didn't quite hit the mark. The Urban decay was given to me from my boyfriend, who has tattoos all over his hands, and having found that it covered up his tattoos brilliantly, I thought - Jackpot - Mine! (he only needed to use it once for some photos). It is a fantastic coverage, but it's just too drying for my skin :( I have dry/combination skin, and I feel like this, and pretty much every other concealer I have tried really highlights any dry skin I have. The Rimmel concealer is fantastic, I have repurchased this many times - but it's strictly for under eyes only, as it has a highlighter in it- nobody wants to highlight spots now do they?! So if anyone knows a fantastic concealer for dried out blemishes and dry noses, please let me know! In the mean time, I'm trying my best to use up my revlon photofinish/Urban Decay which are both OK - but not the best.

Ok boring but here goes, my lashes are straight, literally, they almost point downwards. This has led to me buying upwards of 30 pairs of lash curlers over the years, and countless mascaras, and it's taken me my 10 years of makeup wearing experience to learn I can only use waterproof formulas 90% of the time, otherwise bye bye curl that I just spent 5 minutes solid creating. The maybelline is fantastic - this is my third tube, and I tried the clinique and I liked it, I have used it about 4 times now, I am trying to dry it out to see if holds a curl when the formula's a bit drier - if so, that will be a repurchase. I think I'm going to just try and find as many samples of mascara as I can - absoloutely no point in me trying 90% of mascaras because as soon as my lashes wilt downwards, I throw them away/give them to my sister/Mum/best friend. I have tried countless mascaras, high end, low end, somewhere in the middle - and the Maybelline one above never fails to please. But being the makeup junkie I am, I'll always be on the lookout for the one I LOVE.

Ok so I have to go pick up my Mum and little sister from the train station, I'm now thinking gym makeup. Is it ok to wear BB cream to the gym? I can't face going out in public without makeup, but at the same time, I want to avoid acne. Any gym makeup tips?

Hope you're fit and well and hoping I haven't bored you to death! Much love