Thursday, 5 May 2011

NARS, Monthly favourites and a giant Sorry sorry sorry!!

4 months since a post! Wow I must have been busy! I split with my boyfriend in January so I had to move out of our apartment and stuff which wasn't the most inspiring experience. But, here I am! Trying to do anything I can to avoid my impending dissertation work. To cheer myself up I ordered the cult NARS sheer glow foundation in 'Mont Blanc' - light and pink toned and to get free shipping I splurged on the ever raved about 'orgasm blush and albatross highlight'. I am yet to try them, however I have swatched them and the foundation seems a little too light, although like a complete dingbat i applied fake tan last night, so I will shower it off shortly and have lots of fun with my new makeup :D Yay!

So, having showered and used sheer glow, I will say this - I love it! Absoloutely beautiful finish, great coverage, no smell but naff packaging, I hate spilling out foundation onto my hand to use it. The albatross highlighter is a little darker and more golden toned than i am used to, but the orgasm blusher is lush!!!

& guys, I did my first ever youtube video, I have to say i probably need to invest in a proper camera, however i will attach my first ever attempt (turn your volume up because i am seriously quiet for some reason!) exciting :D

A few other favourites i didn't mention for fear of boring any viewers to death -

China glaze nail varnish in 'For Audrey', I always seem to love this shade in the summer, it cheers me up when i see my little blue/green nails typing away at my coursework :)

Bourgois bronzer in 51, I'm not really a 'bronzer' girl because i'm very pale and have embraced it (well, sort of) and so i didn't really see the need for this product, but i thought what the hell it's summer and bought it, and i was so glad i did, it's a lovely colour, it looks really natural and flattering and it smells like chocolate which is a bit of a gimmick but hell i was sucked in! :)

False eyelashes of every kind, particularly the pre glued ones they do in boots, absoloutely amazing, last all night and so so easy to apply.

Great Lash Waterproof from maybelline (although i've heard they test on animals, anyone know if that's true?). It's a fantastic 'primer' for my lashes, i have unnaturally straight hair and eyelashes and so, when i curl them, i want them to stay as curled as possible for as long as possible and this mascara really helps that, i can usually stick anything on after it's dried and it will hold the curl in place.

Lorel Elnett hairspray in Volume - AMAZING is all i have to say, lift your hair up, spray and let it fall down gradually and you have instant volume that isn't sticky or crispy.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed some of that, i have just washed my makeup brushes for the seoncd time this week (the joys of having a dissertation to write).
Hope you are all happy and healthy :) Sam xxx


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  1. I love Loreal Elnett's volume hairspray, its amazing!! I don't know how it does it!

    Good luck with your dissertation! :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

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