Thursday, 11 September 2014

Snack of September

Ok, I know this one is random but I thought some of you may need a bit of foodie inspiration. It's my favourite snack/breakfast of September so far...

 It comprises of fruit, dates and yoghurt and oh my god is it yum! It also feels like such a treat because of the mixture of textures and flavours but is relatively good for you :) I think strawberries with dates & vanilla yoghurt is my favourite, today I have chopped up banana with mango yoghurt and it isn't as good. Oh & if you're feeling super decadent, add in some nutella. Swoooon.

Makes for a really quick and filling breakfast, which is convienient for me starting work at 7am :(

Hope you all have a fab September

Love Sam


  1. I love munching on this kinda thing during 'snack time',
    a little sprinkling of cinnamon, to top it off goes down a treat too.
    Keep it up lovely xx


  2. Ooh I didn't think of that! Guess what breakfast is going to be tomorrow now :) thanks lovely x