Sunday, 18 July 2010

First Ever Post

How exciting! I have never blogged in my life but hey i'll give anything a whirl once. I'm probably going to treat this as some sort of adult diary (no - not an XXX diary, just a little more 'grown up' than my old livejournal which with hindsight is actually hilarious) so prepare to enter the world of a twenty year old English student who is hoping to become a secondary school teacher (yawn - I know). I have many interests in life - Or at least i like to think so - but i am anticipating most of my posts to be about makeup, love, studying and my complete lack of a fashion sense compared to seemingly most of the world. Poor me i know. So with that glorious *cough* introduction i will start with todays whine. Yay!

Soo... i am writing this blog at 7am on a Monday morning (almost criminal for a student in the summer) because I have a cold... in July! My boyfriend's Son Charlie was in our care over the weekend and he has lovingly passed on his viral infection to me which he contracted from nursery. So my boyfriend (who is in the Armed forces and had to leave at 5am this morning for the week) got very little sleep due to me tossing, turning and sniffling all night. Poor sod. So i decided to get up and make him a cuppa in apology, and i have been awake reading blogs for the past two hours, particularly lollipop26's because she really reminds me of myself - in a few years time with more makeup, life experience and money of course haha! So i thought i'd put my time to good use (well as good as i could think of) and start my blog like i'd been wanting to for a while. So here it is. No makeup posts to be included as of yet because the only makeup i'm wearing is Vaseline on my nose to stop the chapping - glamorous as ever i know :) I need some magazines and some more soothers. & my Mum. But yeah, thankfully i have the day off today so i can just lie here and feel very sorry for myself. If anyone in the world happens to stumble across my blog (& actually read it upto here - i owe you a drink!) please tell me how to add people or whatever you do because I am CLUELESS and not in the good way. Hope everyone has a lovely day and i wish you all health and happiness :)

ps- how is it so difficult to choose a font? & how do i automatically assume courier sans with being unprofessional? Hmm... answers on a postcard!



  1. Hellooo :) thanks for following me, I decided to follow you back and I'm the first! Don't worry you will get a hang of blogging soon, I started at the beginning of June and only have about 9 followers so far pahaa. What did you like about my blog? Basically it's not like facebook where you are friends with eachother, you can follow who you like but that doesn't mean they are following you too if you understand? Reading blogs is addictive though and everyone is so glamorous it's untrue! They all have pictures of them walking down the street in the city. Thing is that I don't get is, who takes their pictures? Anyways write back xo


  2. Hey - thanks for following and commenting, really sweet of you. Thanks for the tips! I only just noticed i had a comment hense the slow reply. I've noticed everyone seems to be like um, glam! But i'm not American and don't get followed by photographers so i'll be a little more down market i think haha. I've noticed how addictive it is - been off ill today and it's all i've done. Productive hey! Thanks for your help, hopefully ill get the hang of it soon enough xxx

  3. Haha yeah we can both be down market!! Good luck blogging! :D M xo