Friday, 23 July 2010

Update - Quest for the perfect summer foundation

So today i'm getting all excited about my holiday (2 weeks in a villa in Spain in 4 weeks) and i have embarked on an attempt to save and an attempt at dieting! I'm currently a UK size 10/12 and i want to be a comfortable size 10 by d day - the day where i have to don a bikini next to my size 6 stepmother. Hello Special K diet. It was going really well a week ago but then my boyfriend came home (he's in the navy and based in Plymouth during the week whereas i'm up North) and diet was completely ruined and the 6lbs i'd lost became 5lbs back on. So now i have decided to up my game a little and introduce lots of excercise as well as a strict diet. Well i guess my idea of 'lots of' excercise is 40 mins on the wii fit and walking the dog a lot - but still! Effort! I just hope that my efforts are eventually rewarded.

On this completely shallow note i was thinking about things to take with me, and particuarly i have recently run out of foundation and was wondering which one i should pick up? I have been using revlon photoready in 003 (yes i am pale! haha) but i really want to try something new. I think i may well pick up this again because it is a nice coverage with a spf and the colour is matched pretty well but due to the what i can only reference as being 'sparkly bits' present in it that make me look like edward cullen in direct sunlight, i am on the hunt for a holiday foundation or tinted moisturiser. I have heard many good things about the Oil Free Laura mercier tinted moisturiser but i have dry-normal skin and so i would be inclined to go for the regular version however i have heard many negative reviews on it. So i appeal to all of the blogging community - help me on my foundation quest? I want something that offers light-medium coverage, preferably a spf and that will last a relatively long time as taking makeup to the beach is a little ott for me. I have tried the boots no7 tinted moisturiser and i have to say i was pleasently suprised - it was light coverage, moisturising (as a tinted moisturiser should be presumably) fairly long lasting, but the colours are very limited and the light is a little too light for me (especially me on holiday) and the darker shade a little too, well, dark. I was considering NARS sheer glow however i would have to travel quite far to get hold of it or failing that order online and have to guess-timate my shade. I am also considering MAC's face and body but again, same problem.

Holiday question number 2 - hair. (see photo above) I have fine/medium hair that is pretty long and naturally straight (it does have the odd kink or wave in places) and i don't want to be straightening my hair all the time on holiday but also, i don't want it to look as lank as it does without heat styling so does anyone know any miracle products for maybe adding a bit more wave to hair and a bit of texture? I'm trying to be as low maintainance as possible here and to give my hair a bit of a break.

Final Thought - is it wrong to take St Tropez on holiday?

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