Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Completely shallow post

So when i have a spare minute or two, i find myself thinking about materialistic things, such as... items i would love to aquire for my 21st birthday pressies :D
Top of my wish list is the Urban Decay Naked Palette! They are now selling it in the UK and i cannot wait to get my little mitts on it.

It's £27.50 which is pretty reasonable in my humble opinion! Seriously excited to try it out if someone picks up on my hints haha.

I would also love some new fancy bedding and boudouir stuff because my bedroom feels really... lifeless sortof? I think this bedding is beautiful!!

Also, i would love Dior Cherie. I smelt it in the Airport on my way home from Spain a few months back and i fell in love, it is beautiful both in looks and in scent.
Absoloute lust have -

So... i'm still sat here thinking away. But most of all i would like to have my boyfriend here to celebrate with... i'd rather have no presents and Mike home than him be away for 3 months which is the rumor (he's in the Navy).

I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes :) x


  1. Let me know when it comes to the UK. :)

  2. The Urban Decay pallete? It's already here, they sell it in Boots and Harvey Nicks etc etc etc! I thought it was gonna be around the £40 mark but at £27.50, it's not bad at all really :) Can't wait to get it! x

  3. I love the bedding!

  4. I love Urban Decay-especially the palettes. They make amazing presents too :) I don't think you can get better eye-shadows.

  5. Thanks on the bedding comment :) I hope someone finds this post and gets the hints haha.

    & Madison i completely agree! I only have two little pallettes as i haven't been collecting for very long but they are certainly beautiful eye shadows! Shame my bday's in December and it's higly likely to be sold out :( Boo!xxx