Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Now i know this is rare on blogs but the blogs i read are about life and ways in which we strive to improve our own, whether that be via having clear skin, ways to save money and now i'm starting to blog about my career too, please just ignore if you don't want to know. So here's how it all began:

Aged 16 i left school with 11 GCSE's and I started to think about going into a business studies degree but these views changed along with my teachers when i went to college aged 16-18 and came out with 4 A-Levels with just a C for business. So i decided on a career teaching English, i went straight into Uni studying English and i'm now approaching my third year. I should really be thinking about my PGCE and getting more teaching experience. So then i thought to myself, do i honestly want to become a teacher? What exactly is it i want to do with my degree?

I'm now in my third year and aswell as studying and working part time to fund my makeup and product addiction, i have just signed up to volunteer for a small business who sell fairtrade coffee and offer jobs for workers in Africe and for immagrants who would otherwise be on benefits here. Any profits go to educating the workforce and building schools in Afirca. The organisation seems to benefit everyone involved and i have been offered a sales/marketing position in schools, giving them business ideas and helping them aswell as getting ideas of how to sell coffee. There are some very important people involved and it's a really great oppurtunity for me as it gives me experience in sales/marketing/retail/education so it's sort of a taster session in many different industries. I will also be acting as a sort of manager so i could also regard it as management experience which is super gooood! I'm really excited and i just wanted to post this to perhaps remind people that these times are not all doom and gloom. Money is a small aspect of enjoyment of life so if you have some spare time, look up volunteering, as i have learnt today there are many different roles to suit different people and the skills they offer so if you can, i would really advise trying something new. I'm really looking forward to this and as you can imagine, the hunt for suitable clothes and makeup begins very soon!

Today on my face i wore -

the body shop foundation in number 5 and the powder in 5 just on my crease and on my eyes, i'm now using it as a bronzer because it is quite a few shades darker than my skin (stupid assistant) and works wonderfully to contour. I wore a few coats of maybelline mascara, MAC blush in pink swoon and i used a bit of vaseline as a subtle highlight, natural yet pretty too. I just wore the body shop lip blam in watermelon (which smells BEAUTIFUL) and was good to go. For interviews i think class is essential so i whipped the Chanel perfume out and was thankful after the good old British rain washed the majority of it off.

It worked, i got the post and i'm happyyy!! :) I don't think a lot of women talk about their career choices that much and with such a gap in the pay stakes between men and women i think we should share hints and tips and work together :)

Good luck to all xxx


  1. This is such a thoughtful post. You need to find a career that both challenges you and makes you happy. I just graduated, and I'm soo glad it all over, hehe! :)

    The clinique foundation... It's £20 the same as the other foundations. It's an amazing product. The coverage moderate to full. It can be as flexible as you like though really. However its soooooooooo light weight, my face feels naked!! It has treatment properties to treat the redness too. ♥


  2. Aww thankyou! Ok so i feel like i need this foundation now, i feel like i need something a bit heavier for winter because the winter sun is so harsh! I'll have to go for a colour consultation asap :) Thanks for the advice. I started thinking about what i would like to do post-degree and in the recession i think it's best to get as much experience as you can. How did you get on after your degree? I'd be really interested to know because not many graduates really tell you what the real world is like x