Wednesday, 11 August 2010

In's and Outs

Hey guys! Long time no see but i have been enjoying spending time with my lovely boyfriend as he's home from the navy for 5 weeks :) I can report that i have sucessfully managed to lose a bit of weight i am much closer to a size 10 now and i think in 2 weeks (when i go) i may well have accoomplished my mission.

So i'm ill - again- thanks to Mike's son Charlie and so i have decided to indulge in a little what i like and what i don't like therapy. I have found a fair few makeup discoveries lately so here goes!


* Rimmel stay matte dual action concealer (001 Ivory). I tried the Laura Mercier secret concealer (in the lightest shade) and it seemed to only last me a little while, which could of been because of the MAC 195 brush i was using which seemed to just lap the stuff up and come out really waxy - so i'd end up using me fingers to blend which was a little useless. Also, at around £23, it isn't cheap, but it is an amazing concealer, should you be prepared to pay the price. I am however, always looking out for something that goes the one step beyond and i think this concealer is exactly that. I think it was around £4-5 and i would say it's easier to work with, it covers with more efficience, it's compact but doesn't get lost in your makeup bag and you get a lot of product. The consistency is really pleasent and workable and it doesn't flag up any dry patches. Absoloutely love this product.

* 17 Mirror shine lipstick in Nudest peach. I have to say, i'm not really a fan of lipsticks, i find them too severe and prefer to stick to a tinted balm or a gloss but this 'lipstick' makes me feel all grown up when i use it (ha!) and is basically a gloss packaged in a lipstick formulation. It's very sheer but gives a good level of colour and a 'mirror shine'. I do like this lipstick however because of the gloss like formulation after a couple of applications it broke and now resides in my fridge like a lipstick hospital.

* Kleenex 'feel me i'm gorgeous' tissues. When you have a cold (or viral infection) the last thing you want is a horrible chapped nose and i feel these are really the bentley version of tissues. So so soft and it feels nice to have a little luxury in my life when feeling this yucky.

*Maybelline Superstay 24hr foundation in 020 cameo. Lasts ages, wonderful coverage, great colour selection, no funny scents and spf 19. I don't know how it photographs but it's that great on all other levels i don't really care :)

*Holidays and having my boyfriend home :) honestly throughout all this makeup stuff hardly anyone mentions the things that REALLY matter. Like having a wonderful boyfriend make you chicken soup when you're ill or really getting excited about going away for a few weeks. I can't wait to be in the sun for two whole weeks with nothing to do but chill out, eat and drink. Bliss


* Viral infections
Noone wants a cold in August. So we have...duh duh duh duhhhh! Viral infections which is just a posh cold. I have a rash all over my back, i'm all bunged up, hot, headachey, my ears hurt, my throat hurts and i'm being more than a wingebag about it! Enough already, make me healthy!

* Sky
Virgin on demand is SO so much better than sky. More fool us for being sucked in by skys stupid offers.

*Lancome Juicy Tubes in 108 - paris. I love juicy tubes and i was bitterly dissapointed with this one, don't get me wrong the formulation and colour is true to juicy tubes, but the scent is disappointing. It smells like plastic flowers. Juicy tubes usually make me want to lick them off they smell so delicious. I got it in a set so i wasn't as dissapointed as i would've been if i had spent £12 or so on it, but still.

So yeah that's about all i can manage right now. I can't even be bothered to spell check or edit becaus ei am hungry and so i will love you and leave you and edit on another day. Any suggestions for things (clothing or makeup) that i should pick up for my holidays? I really want a cute (cheap) kaftan. Hm. x

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