Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Makeup time!

So i'll be recieving my student loan soon and will be stocking up on makeup for autumn/winter and i was thinking of a few investment items such as a decent foundation, primer and moisturiser amongst all the usual crap from superdrug that i buy. I seem to be moving away from wearing eyeshadow at all and am becoming more focused on enhancing my lips because to me if you try to do both it can be a bit 'drag queen'. So for me, winter is all about looking fresh and having a peachy blush and nice, plump lips. Ok so my thoughts:

Foundation - i have about 5 at the minute (all 'drugstore') but none of them fit the bill and so i think i'm going to go to a counter and get the right formulation and colour for me so i actually get the useage out of it. I'm thinking clinique because i know their products agree with my skin (i have fairly pale, normal skin and occasionally get a spot/blemish) however i have been enticed by NARS sheer glow for a while but it seems more of a summery foundation to me? Any opinions are more than welcome.

There was a tester of the loreal professional primer in cosmopolitan this month and while it seemed quite powdery it left a gorgeous feel to the skin so i'm considering that? And as for a decent moisturiser i'm unsure, although again i'm thinking clinique because my skin seems to agree with their formulations although i think the consistency of the dramatically different moisturising gel/lotion is a bit thin for me? Hm.

Oh and ladies if you have long hair and are thinking of chopping it - dont. I had long hair and had a good 5 inches cut off it (as can be seen above) and never have i mourned the loss of hair so heavily. I find myself actually having hair envy of pretty much everyone with longer hair than me. Hopefully it will grow back fast because i miss it! :( Sad face completely necessary. Sorry for bad photo - i was on holiday and completely do not look like it!

Anywho - 3rd year of uni starts in just over a week. I am terrified. Anyone willing to pass on any organisational tips would be a lifesaver because my idea of organisation is putting anything and everything in a big pile. I'm doomed.

Hope you all had a fab summer x


  1. 1) Foundation: I love Guerlain Aqua Parure or Clinique Acne Solutions foundation. I don't know if its out in your country out (its not out in Canada, I get it from the US) but Maybelline's Dream SMOOTH mousse is amazing!! It is my new foundation even though I have the other two in my drawers already. It is soo smooth and has the best coverage and its cheap.

    2) I used to love MAC's moisture cream moisturizer. It was so thick and I thought I needed something like that because my face always felt dry. I was convinced by someone who worked at clinique to try their dramatically different moisturizing gel. I thought I would hate it because it is so thin. I actually love it, haven;t used MAC in a year and my face no longer feels dry.

    3) I've never had much luck with primer. The sillicone tends to break me out. Let me know if you find a good one.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Ooh thanks for the tips. I don't really get that many spots or anything so i've never really been drawn to an 'acne' foundation for fear that it might increase my skins sensitivity? If that makes sense. As for Guerlain Aqua Parure - i'd love to try it but for me it's a bit too expensive for the amount of product you get. I may be tempted though if i manage to try it out. I'm liking the idea of MAC face and body as it's fairly light and looks really natural and moisturising, although it's hardly the heavy duty makeup i want for winter int he Uk. I've heard wonderful things about clinques line so i think that may be the way i'm heading. I don't even know if i really need a primer, i haven't got oily skin but i have noticed that my makeup doesn't last as long as i'd like it to. I tried the maybelline dream matte mousse and i liked it but i think i got the application wrong - i just used my fingers and it didn't seem to offer very much coverage for me, or staying power. I guess everyone's always looking for their 'ideal' foundation. I used to love max factors colour adapt foundation but it's only about £5 cheaper than clinique and they offer a colour matching service. Also - since discovering they test on animals i'm going to avoid their products. I'll be shopping on wednesday and no doubt there will be a post following showing how everythings going. Thanks for the advice, always much appriciated because i have so much to learn! :) x