Sunday, 19 September 2010

Coffee Table drama!

So, i'm relaxing watching junk TV on my sunday evening after dropping my lovely boyfriend off to go to work... i put my feet up and BAM my coffee table gives way. Now we can't expect much from the poor coffee table (rip) as it was very, very cheap as it was strictly a 'oh crap we are moving in with hardly any money and we need a coffee table' purchase. But now, what do we replace it with? I think i want a black, clean looking table and i have seen one on the next website that i am in love with (http://www.next.co.uk/shopping/homeware/livingroomfurniture/15/1). It's £150 which is a bit more than i wanted to spend and i have seen a black one in ikea that's a far more reasonable £45 (http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/40147726). I really love the first one - it's got space for my magazines freeing up a drawer in my bedroom! Although i'm unsure about how childsafe they both are as my boyfriend has a young son. Ahh - i don't want to buy practical at the tender age of 20 (clearly, my last table collapsed) but obviously his safety has to come first. Ahh dramas eh.

*all about a dog attack, skip at your leisure*
Speaking of dramas - My 6 month old puppy got viciously attacked today! By a pug! This horrible little dog came out of nowhere (it's owner was trailing behind it without a lead) and began to really lay into my poor little Harry! :( He was yelping so much when he walked after the attack we had to take him to the emergency vets where we were told he was in shock, had a few wounds that he'd been given antibiotics for and some pain relief because the damage to his leg was really hurting him :( poor little guy is sat in his bed sulking now. Ahh i love my little Harry and i think owners like the owner of the pug should have to go to compulsary dog training if their pet ever behaves like that - i cried a lot afterwards, i have never felt so helpless. I managed to drag my poor injured Harry away from the horrible dog after a bit of a struggle, with it's owner sheepishly saying 'sorry' and making a terrible half-hearted attempt to control the beast! It even managed to bite me as i was picking Harry up. It just about managed to break my skin so i'm waiting til tomorrow to see if i have to have an injection. I reported it to the police and with a bit of luck i will find out where the man lives (very near me i suspect) and he will get a court order to keep that horrible mutt far away from others! :( If you are a dog owner please give your dog the love and respect it deserves, you chose it afterall, because in my opinion if all dogs were properly cared for they wouldn't ever be so callously vicious. Ahh i feel better now.

How have your weekends been? I'm looking forward to the one ahead already - is that as sad as it sounds? :)x

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